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“As If You Were Already Here”- Flowing Colors In The Sky

Boston based artist, Janet Echelman, has created a 2,000 pound aerial sculpture that is currently flying high above Boston’s Rose Kennedy Fitzgerald Greenway.The art is composed of a beautiful mesh of fabric, formed by 542,000 knots, spanning the area of half an acre.

The art is tied to its surroundings, literally and metaphorically. This graceful work, which moves and flows with the wind is supposed to represent now former striped traffic lanes that were removed during Boston’s Big Dig. The three voids in the fabric represent hills that were leveled to create landfills.

The sculpture is lit at night and viewers can walk beneath the artwork and become fully immersed in its otherworldly glow. The dramatic nature of Echelman’s sculptures captivate her audience and seek to engage the viewer. Hopefully, this work of art will spark curiosity for you as well.

What Do You Think Of This Juxtaposition of Art and Skyline?

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