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For the Sake of Art – It’s All in Stone

When looking at these images, you might not exactly see what makes these objects so special. A bottle of ketchup? A work boot? What’s the big deal?

Well, if you were able to try to pick one up, you’d know immediately. These aren’t your average everyday items — they’re actually the carved stone sculptures of artist Robin Antar. They’ve been carved, polished, and painted to look just like the real thing — and they’re pretty convincing.

Antar’s work shows how stone, hard and rigid, can be manipulated to resemble soft, malleable materials like cloth and plastic. She developed a method of carving about 20 years ago that allows her to achieve this level of detail. Even more impressive is that she can complete this work with limited sight, due to retrolental fibroplasia in both eyes. Still, she’s not letting that stop her.

What Fo You Think of These Incredible Works of Art?

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