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Creatures of Our Creation

Artist, Artur Bordalo, strives to create artful sculptures from our excess. This series of murals hopes to draw attention to pressing global conservation issues. Bordalo has chosen animal forms as the focus of his art to create a stunning representation of exactly how he perceives our excessive trash creates animal casualties.

To best convey his message, Bordalo sources end-of-life materials. Many of the materials have been sourced from wastelands, abandoned factories, or found at random. The purpose of this sourcing process is to demonstrate clearly the issues that arise when material consumption continues without thought toward reusing what already exists.

Upon close inspection, one can point out specific items composing the artwork. The sculptures include: corrugated metal, tires, bits of old bumpers and old appliances. What other items do you see?

What Meaning Do You Imagine For These Creatures of Our Creation?

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